About the Campaign

We are an independent, non-party, grassroots campaign to Get Britain Out of the European Union. We want to take back control of our country from the unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. We want Great Britain to be a sovereign country once again.

We want to trade with Europe but not be governed by Europe. We want to work with our European neighbours on important cross-border issues. But the EU is an expensive, undemocratic and out of touch body and Britain’s interests are not best served by retaining our membership.

The islands of the United Kingdom may be small, but we are a powerful and influential country. Other countries will listen to us and trade with us, whether we are in the EU or not.

As a member of the EU, we have to obey rules and regulations that are often made by people and institutions in Brussels that we, the voters, can’t hold to account. That’s not fair, and it’s not democratic.

Renegotiation of the terms of Britain’s membership with the EU will not work. Demanding new terms of membership will not satisfy a British electorate that is fed up of being ruled from the continent, nor will all 27 members agree to give Britain a special deal. That is not how the EU works.

We believe the best and most constructive option is to declare our intention leave the EU and then build a new relationship based on trade and cooperation. After all, that’s what we thought we were signing up for in the first place.

Once we leave, we will be free to pursue the rich opportunities offered by trade deals beyond he declining European economies. In time, other EU countries might well decide to join us, forming a club of free European nations.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.